2011 Season

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"They say that if you smile, the world smiles with you, and on t
hat principle, it is hard not to have fun when it is so evident that the actors are having fun too."

"To Empty Chairs great credit, they did not pull any punches, and the blood did flow. Without going into the plot of the play, I just want say Empty Chair did a fantastic job. "

Titus Andronicus
By William Shakespeare 
Directed By Julia Sears 

In the midst of a tempestuous political battle Titus Andronicus returns to Rome victorious from battle. However, in the midst of his glorious return he offers up the son of the Visigoth queen, Tamora, as a sacrifice, causing her to swear a terrible and catalistic revenge. When the new-crowned Emperor, weak and decadent Saturninus, settles on Tamora amora to be his queen, she and her family set into motion a bloody cycle of violence. One of Shakespeare’s darkest, most brutal plays is a voyage of poetry and emotional intensity and a feast of tragedy that has reminded auditences for centuries of the cold, hard taste of vengeance.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our benefit performance at the Folger Shakespeare Library Theater such a resounding success  !
  Twelfth Night
By William Shakespeare
 Directed By Miranda Steege

After a devastating shipwreck Viola, the plucky heroine of Shakespeare’s comedy, washes up alone on the shores of Illyria, separated from her twin brother Sebastian. Her resolution to disguise herself as a boy and enter the service of the lovesick Count Orsino sucks her into a maddening web of unrequited love and misplaced affection. Amidst trickery, shrubbery concealment, and cross-dressing the "improbable fiction" of Twelfth Night revels in the joy and machinations of theatre and illusion.