Richard III
By William Shakespeare
Directed By Elizabeth Nearing
“Sin will pluck on sin.”

In 2008 Empty Chair Theatre Company opened their third production, Richard III by William Shakespeare, in the Black Box Theatre of H-B Woodlawn. The production of Richard III explored the concept of a society built around insecurity and self-involvement. The set was embellished with seven mirrors, one representing each of the deadly sins. In this production the self proclaimed villain, Richard, was not the only character whose follies and lies articulated a darker truth. Directed by Artistic Director Elizabeth Nearing.

Young Elizabeth/ Prince of York: Caroline Brent
Sir William Catesby: Ashleigh Brown
Duchess of York/ Prince Edward: Tilney Brune
Lord Hastings: Daniel Cackley
Lady Anne: Joan Cummins
Queen Margaret: Frances Koogler
Lord Grey/Sir Ratcliffe: Drew Levin
Richard III: Matt Minnicino
Lord Mayor: Olivia Maria Myers
Stanley Earl of Derby: Quill Nebeker-Monch
Mistress Shore/Messenger: Julia Sears
Queen Elizabeth: Mary Lynne Smith
Duke of Buckingham: Rebecca Speas
George Clarence/King Edward IV: Mark Tucker
Sir Brakenbury/Lord Rivers/Lord Richmond: Michael Van Ness
Director: Elizabeth Nearing
Assistant Director: David Rodriguez
Assistant Director: Julia Sears
Stage Manager: Allison Miller
Lighting Designer: Micheal Gibbs
Costume Designer: Clara Everheart
Fight Choreographer: Julia Sears
Program Design: Frances Koogler
Program Design: Mathew Minnicino
Program Design: Morgan Green
Poster Design: Gina Nearing

 Above: Matthew Minnicino as Richard III, Bottom Left: MaryLynne Smith as Elizabeth,
Bottom Right: Matthew Minnicino, Ashleigh Brown and Joan Cummins 

Taming of the Shrew
By William Shakespeare
“Come sit on me.”

In the Taming of the Shrew, one of Shakespeare’s more controversial comedies, a wild cast of characters experience the thin line that separates love and hate. This veritable battle of the sexes examines the place of marriage, family, rebellion, and duty in all societies. Empty Chair’s production of Taming of the Shrew (January 2008) took a distinct approach to the style in which the play was both rehearsed and performed. Eight actors used renaissance and early modern staging practices as a guide for the production. The cast played multiple roles, had audience on three sides of the stage, and performed the show with the lights on both the audience and the actors and had no directors or designers involved in the production.

Taming of the Shrew Actors Alex Richardson and Julia Sears.

Bianca Minola/
Grumio: Joan Cummins
/Nicholas/Widow: Frances Koogler
Baptista Minola
/Curtis/Old Man: Matthew Minnicino
Biondello/Joseph: Amalia Oswald
Petruccio: Alex Richardson

Katherine Minola: Julia Sears

Walter: Lucy Shapiro
/Sugarsop: Ian Terry
Nathaniel/Haberdasher/Tailor: Nico Zevallos

Producer: Elizabeth Nearing
: Julia Sears
Program Design: Frances Koogler
Program Design
: Nico Zevallos

Poster Design: Frances Koogler


Actors (from left) Alex Richardson, Joan Cummins, Julia Sears and Ian Terry in rehearsal for 'Shrew'.